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>> click to download negarakuku_low.3gp 4.88MB NEW
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Get involved in supporting namewee. Simply save this song in your mobile phone and spread the news to those Ah Pek in coffee house, your mom in the kitchen, your father in the office, your girlfriend on her bed, your neighbor you don't know who is it all the while, anyone you meet. To Chinese, discuss with your Malay & Tamil friends; to Malays who support, help your friends to understand namewee.

WHY you need to place this song in your mobile phone? I think you know the answer very well, because Malaysia's broadband internet penetration rate now is only 1-7.6%! Which means there are still loooooooots of Malaysian out there haven't heard of this song before, so get involved NOW! You know what you can do with your Bluetooth now ;)

p/s: The songs & videos are properties of namewee 黃明志.
p/p/s: To students, TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE when in class ;)

Updated 17-08-2007
Negarakuku video clips for mobile phone (.3gp) open for download! Both low & high resolution versions are uploaded, download the low resolution version if you are using a dailup (tmnet 1515 etc.) service for faster download. The quality is ok, so dont worry you won't see namewee's close-up :) Enjoy! (And also, keep in mind that these videos are also namewee's properties)


Friday, September 21, 2007

The Power of Web2.0

Former deputy prime minister and finance minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim post a blog with the title Kenyataan Media: Pendedahan Skandal Video Perbualan VK Lingham at Anwar Ibrahim recently. He also post the video on YouTube.

Klip audio ini menunjukkan VK Lingam bercakap tentang penglibatannya bersama dengan Vincent Tan dan Mahathir dalam mempengaruhi keputusan kes Anwar Ibrahim.
Have Malaysian found their way escape from government controlled mass media to take some fresh air outside? I am trying to think this deeply through the Web2.0 perspective. Malaysian bloggers and YouTubers are HOT nowadays, they always call themselves "The Truth Speaker", Meng Chee has a become an icon for it. With Meng Chee's Negarakuku singing all around the country after he was being utilized by political parties for their own politic sake, it does coherence the people who are looking forward for a brighter future of Malaysia too.

Many also took a chance to do some refection on Malaysia's development after 50 years of independent. More and more facts, including the real Independence Day is actually on 16 September 1963, are popping out recently on the internet, blog and dug by bloggers and anonymous. When government representatives are calling bloggers as liars through mass media, they become more and more like the boy who cried wolf.

So, are bloggers all good people? NO! Bloggers are just like you and me and she and he, we are all creation of God; human beings, we are angles and devils; we do charity and we tell white lies too. The lesson to learn is morality, in other words, your justification standard, how mature you are. As anak-anak bangsa Malaysia's intelligence are growing (thanks to Tun Mahathir who introduced 3M education, Membaca, Menulis dan Mengira, we read and post blogs now), the nation were not stupid like what their governments thought.

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